marți, iunie 06, 2006

Annette Allman

Two lovers float in each other’s arms on a bed of leaves. A full moon guides them as well as the lovers in their boats across a wide ocean. I wanted to capture that aspect of romantic love where life itself seems perfect where it seems to stand still and last forever. The leaves and the full moon represent the fullness of life, summer and the harvest. This couple has managed to preserve the essence of their love; there is a contentment and comfort in their journey together.
A couple rest on the slopes of a hill, their dog sleeps at their side. They are so content, their picnic remains untouched. This painting was inspired by wonderful times I have had on the land in Toodyay, where hills abound. In rural life, there is always a tension between the hard work required to look after the land, and the joy of simple pleasures such as a picnic.

A couple embrace each other above a wide stream full of lovers. This painting portrays that love is a journey and that love and passion can conquer all. Eros pulls Psyche out of the water with the power of his love for her. The other lovers row easily and effortlessly down stream. When a couple follow the flow of life their journey will be easier.